Sonny doesn’t like the Baseball Blog either

but fuck Sonny.

“What ever happened to Babe Blog?” he chides, referring to the daily blog of several pictures of hot chicks that he dreamed up for me last month.

“Because there isn’t enough porn on the web”

Oh, you mean the blog about Molli and Greg’s unborn babe thats about minus 7 months old right now? Another grand idea I had. By the way, mad props to Greg for the ride home last night.

“No, the Chick Blog – hot chicks every day, with all the facts and all that!” he says.

I’m mad at Sonny cuz he’s never pleased with what i do.

At first he wanted tons of pictures and stories about Ashley, then he said he didnt want any, now he wants tons again. I hate him cuz his logic is pretty hard to argue against, but it’s always changing.

Plus he cheats a Scrabble.

He’s memorized hundreds of two- and three-letter words, words he doesnt even know the definitions of.

And he teases me about my interest in Astrology – which is only a passing interest, people. He sends me my Brezney astrology in fucked up ways all the time.

This morning he wrote my astrology on a softball and left it on the passenger seat of my flying car. He knows I like Brezney, but I can never figure out what he was talking about… until it was too late.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Week of March 14, 2002

Now and then there comes a time when you have to break the mold; when you can no longer afford to squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all pattern. On other occasions, you urgently need to renounce the images that people have projected onto you; when your ability to live as a free soul requires you to rebel against all the expectations you’re surrounded by. And every once in a great while, Libra, you’re called on to shatter the molds and purge the projections in the same mad, healing rush. Now is such a turning point.

amy is concerned

that my baseball blog will get in the way of me jumping on the Gaucho bandwagon and getting all crazy about us about to face #3 Arizona in the first round of the NCAA tourney that starts, for UCSB, tomorrow around 8pm.

Baseball Blog 2002 has nothing to do with my lack of attention to my alma mater: The Arizona Wildcats are what’s making me do as Til Tuesday recommended and “hush hush” about the forthcoming onslaught.

My fear is we’re going to be spanked harder than a fat kid caught stealing cookies from his fat mom’s sock drawer.

My fear is we’re going to get our asses handed to us in a way that will make little kids cry and old men scratch their heads.

I’m grateful that they’re in the tourney, and very grateful that ESPN didnt consider this the most lopsided match of the bracket, but it’s pretty close.

For those of you who wish to learn a little more about my beloved Gaucho’s, the David, the Underdog, the Diamondbacks of this tournament, look no further than this breakdown of the Champs of the Big West.

Me, im just doing my best not to get my heart broke.

careful with that cake, Eugene

my ears have finally popped from attending a party hosted at home of one of the finest law professors in all of Los Angeles who lives in a gorgeous home so high in the Hollywood Hills that the stars begin to look like planets.

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, the incredibly friendly and smart and warm-natured law professor from Tennessee was in town to lecture the drunkards at UCLA, and several LA Bloggers were invited to Mr. Volokh’s casa high above the Sunset Strip to hang with him.

May I say that I am so happy to be invited to such bashes. Not only are these people devistatingly smart, but they’re funny as hell and their interests stretch far beyond the silly politics that they write about every day, several times a day.

Conversations I was privvy to: Saudi Arabia vs. Brunei: Friends or Enemies?, Filesharing– is it Theft?, Should Scientology Receive Tax-Exempt Status?, If a Man conducts Beastiality from a Male Animal, is it Gay?, Should You Date People Who Read Your Blog? Can A Guy Get Fired For Legal Things He Does Outside of Work: Like What He Writes On A Blog?, Tractor Punk and Nebraska: Is it The Next Grunge and Seattle?

Okay, those are the ones that I was involved in, I’m sure once I left the circle, everyone laughed and went back to talking about Candy Rice and her chance to be the first female vice president and other smart stuff way over my ‘fro.

It was a delightful event where at first everyone gathered in the kitchen and got an eyeful of the guest of honor, and then split up into little circles of gab. im not sure how many people knew each other, but since everyone had read each other, it was almost like a meeting of old lost pals, i felt as if i had met brethren from my old hometown, the one i cant remember the name of, kindred spirits everywhere, free-flowing thoughts, funny antedotes, polite disagreements, and merryment.

My recollections are blurry because the booze flowed and the host made pizza and cookies and Laura and I ate chips and Guacamole and talked about how horrible the food in Spain was and I thought about opening a chain of Taquerias in Spain, to give back, and Emmannuelle and I discussed porn and I got to meet the totally talented and courageous Charles Johnson, and I even got a lift to the party from UPI’s TV critic Catherine Seipp who had a lovely conversation with Welch on our ride about the trials of freelancing in LA.

Did I tell you I had fun?

I did.

I don’t go out that much, and in reality I’m terribly shy, especially around fascinating strangers. But everyone was just so nice that after a few drinks I was back in my normal obnoxiously ignorant self, defending, of all things, the fact that I didnt vote in the recent elections.

My reasoning made the drunks around me laugh, so I went home happy.

I hope theres another Blog party soon, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with that wish.

Speaking of wishes: TF flowed me a buck to help out on my wish for the Snoop DeVille, gracias, good fella!