people write in all the time

and ask me what my real job is.

i perform a public service. most of you could take advantage of the service that i provide, if you only knew to look for it, but if i told you, it would ruin your impression of me.

this morning, however, im groggy from only getting a few hours sleep, my wrist is sore from hours of being on the computer, and my heart is broken after the girl who id been sorta reaching out to penciled me in for “minority report” only to cell phone me at the last minute to tell me that she was stepping into a different theatre to screen “scooby doo” with her roommate.

win some, lose some.

i’ll be losing her shortly.

since i had so much time on my hands, i procrastinated and then around midnight decided to make a new photo essay dealio. big mistake. they may look simple, but they take at least 3-4 hours. this one only took three. lucky me.

my arm hurt like crazy last night and i truly was in a movie-watching mood, so i finally changed the channel to HBO and took in “Cast Away” which was ok. but you should know something is definately wrong when im watching Tom Hanks movies. terribly wrong.

my arm still hurts. early stages of carpel tunnel, im sure. so im going to not post anything else today and just go back to blowing leaves and making the bossman money.

“dot.con”, by the way is spectacular. im up to page 88. if you read one book this summer read the Bible. if you read two read “dot.con” and then the Bible. im not kidding. its that good. super super funny too. and action-packed!

who knew layne could write so well?

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