Tony, yesterday I wanted to know more about Warren Zevon

Clicked around the blogosphere, and found lots of people saying, “Oh, that’s terrible” or “Here’s my analysis of this or that Zevon lyric, and aren’t I clever for noticing its hidden genius.”

But I already wrote something like that myself; I mean, I read a couple, but how many can you read?

Checked the L.A. Times. Glory be! They had an actual interview with the guy, with lots of new information.

As Reynolds says (or doesn’t say), Advantage, Big Media.


Dear Nance,

Any time you’re looking for something Hollywood or music-related, please just drop me an email or leave a comment or ask.

The same goes for the rest of youse.

Hollywood is an incredibly small place where thousands of paths cross each day and millions of paths cross each night.

I had the great opportunity of being at a party that Warren attended this summer. ironically, it was the last LA Blogger party that was held at movie producer Brian Linse’s hollywood bachelor pad. Warren and Brian are friends.

The guests of honor were Eric and Dawn Olsen. That’s dawn with warren in the above photo. advantage warren.

Eric, a record producer, and author of books regarding record producing, has since formed the amazingly diverse and important, to which you can find this amalgam of offerrings about Warren’s fine career.

As for the LA Times, I’m still mad at them for not mentioning my name in that story about bloggers, and I will remain mad at them until they do a feature about me and the dozen or so major bloggers who reside mere miles from their ivory tower.

and yes, i am still sticking my tounge out at them.

anyway, i rememeber that blogger party very well, because thats when i got to meet a lot of cool people whose blogs i hadn’t met, but that was also the night where everyone first met moxie.

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