hi it’s still tony’s blog

ony’s oversleeping. if he had simply installed a little peice of software in his computer it could Tivo for his ass, it could run the stereo into his bedroom, it could turn on the lights for him, and it could be his alarm clock in the morning.

instead all he has that box do is download porn he never watches.

thats your hero, america.

number fifty-five on the weblogs top one hundred today.

so i got nothing to say. im just a blog.

but i can lead you to places that you would probably like.

you might like this shit. it’s twisted and a little sick, but it’s funny.

moxie keeps wanting to put this picture up, lord knows why. i know why, you can look at it and ask, how does that guy get any?

this ive seen before, but it’s still funny.

now this is interesting. this is the Site Meter of those sorority girls. you people are perverts.

speaking of wrong. whats up with the major leauge all stars in japan? last night MLB won its first game against the japanese stars. that was their fourth game. and whats worse is a bunch of japanese stars have been in cuba for an international tournament. so my question is, how much did japan pay for mlb to throw these games?

this girl still hates tony, too bad she doesnt update more.

meesh doesnt hate tony, and she updated last night.

chelle’s halloween costume

look at all he gives you. i have a feeling that once he wakes up he might not post again until he gets ten quality comments for this love he’s showing you.

and finally, our boy has two tickets to the no doubt / garbage / distillers show at the long beach arena the day after thanksgiving. surely there must be a young woman who wants to pick him up, dressed sexilly, brimming with compliments, and dying to spend a little quality time with him.

or perhaps theres someone who wants to pay pal his ass $100 and the tickets are theirs. theyre floor seats. show up early and you’re in the front row.

metafilter discusses drudge getting a billion hits in a year

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