saw a job description for someone who “gets it” about the Internet

i really want to apply for the job (it involves much more than I have revealed so far) but I’m not so sure that I really get it about the Internet.

I think the Internet is our savior.

seems to me that when people believed in it, the economy boomed, people were happy, i was getting laid with much more frequency, we were able to live in relative peace, we had a democrat leading the nation (sucessfully) (and her husband wasnt doing to bad either), and my hair was doing way better than ever.

sure some of it was hype, but a lot of it wasnt. and i really dont want to get into it much, but when this country wants to put its resources behind something, it is always a success.

so do i get it about the Internet?

not sure. i get it that people can make money on it if theyre selling smut. i think i get it about blogging. i totally get it about fantasy sports, buying tickets online, downloading music, and using online auctions.

but are people buying computers and signing up for broadband so that they can get their news online? no. but if it’s there and it’s good, will people go to it on the regular?

who knows.

i know that a lot of you come here on the regular, and for that im so appreciative you dont even know.

the sultry Reverse Cowgirl has some updates on the Blogger Panel dealio going on, including ways for you, yes, you, to see this thing on a Webcast.

thats right, if you are not lucky enough to be in Los Angeles this weekend, but you would like to see the all-star panel talk about the future of life as we know it, you need go no further than your very own computer.

Click here to find out the details!

In other news, i dont have a valentine.


and the only girls who seem to have any interest in me are either total jailbait or barely legal.

the question is, is that bad news?


two dancing girls from the academy

Rabbit-Proof-Fence knocked at my door last night at around 6:30pm, typically the time that i arrive home from the xbi.

when they got no answer they became concerned because all the top models and dancers there are madly in love with me and they knew they had a great movie that they wanted me to see, so they cell phoned my ass.

i picked up and told them that i was going to have dinner at my beautiful exgirlfriend’s house in oh so posh santa monica.

they asked for the address and zoomed over in their matching miatas and arrived just as the chinese was being delivered from the always tasty Chung King. tasty but not spicy. chris and i ordered the cha cha chicken which was spicy last time but negative spicy this time.

regardless, the company was always wonderful, the shrimp fried rice no onions, wontons and diet sodas were marvelous.

and the movie, Rabbit Proof Fence, was mesmorizing and wonderful.

quite possibly the best film that ive seen all year.

one thing that i love about these academy screeners is that they dont come with boxes or pamphlets or propaganda or hype or nothing. it’s just a black tape with a white label and the label only tells you the title of the film and how long its going to be.

exactly the way i love to watch movies.

perhaps others get the crap, but after a few years of getting these screeners, the good people know what i like and as quality professionals, they give the customer what they want. and i love that. and i watch the movie and have it where its supposed to be in the morning and i dont give anything away, so they love me.

plus im always happy to share a won ton or two with the ladies who like the hot mustard and/or sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Rabbit Proof Fence was amazing. did i tell you that? i learned about an Australia that i had never known about. a 20th century history lesson that we on this side of the globe are ignorant to.

it’s told subtlely and without much judgement. the actors and actresses are better than you’d expect and the actors who have very few lines are at times better than those with many lines.

and it’s beautiful. and peter gabriel’s music is eno-esque moody and uplifting and helps shape the tone in a grade-a perfect way.

this is not a movie thats going to break any box office records, but it does show you that you can tell a story, a true story and do it in a way that doesnt have to beat you over the head for you to understand.

bravo, director of The Quiet American, bravo!