i just finished this thing ive been procrasting about all weekend

and now im stoked.

i was also told by the cheerleader i like the most that we can never see each other again.

that takes a little air out of the stokeness, but the stokeness is a pretty good one.

i feel like ive finished my take home final and its just 1:43am, ive got time to do whatever it is that i would have done if i wanted to procrastinate.

its funny the things that we procrastinate on.

the first girlfriend i ever had i procrastinated on for two years.

we talked every day on the phone for two years. then when she was about to move i kissed her and she kissed me back.

since then i learned to go for the things you want to right away because she might kiss you back.

sometimes you can go too fast, but thats better than never going for it, and think about the things that youve seriously gone for in your life and then think about the things you havent gone for at all.

i saw this thing on paparazzis. video ones. on one hand it sucks that theyre interrupting peoples privacies but on the other hand it is sorta interesting to see celebs cower through the airports with their floppy hats all pissed off.

do you get off the plane and wave to everyone for a minute?

maybe they should.

maybe they should say, my its good to be back in los angeles where everything might not be perfect, but its better than most places.

then give them a sad face. then a happy face then a suprised face. then a funny face.

all part of getting twenty mil a picture.

i would like to be a limo driver.

not a big stretch limo. more like a town car driver.

im a very safe and slow driver, i would be good for old people.

annessa + phil + allison + jim

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