october 31st that is his date of birth

today is my favorite beastie boys birthday.

mr. ad rock turns 103 today.

ive been lucky enough to see most of the beastie boys shows here in LA and in frisco and in santa barbara, going all the way back to the together forever tour back in the licensed to ill tour.

i loved that album, the follow up Pauls Boutique, which is a classic. i loved check your head. i loved Skillz to Pay the Billz.

i loved ill communication.

i loved their videos and still do.

i even loved their instrumental album the In Sound from Way Out. i even gave that to my mom.

im sad that it looks like the beasties have sorta lost their edge.

im sad that they dont think its cool to shake up the budweiser cans and slide all over the stage.

im sad that they just dont decide to put out a jazz record or a full on punk record.

and then come back home to hip hop.

im sad theyre not interested in giving rock an enema.

but im happy that while they were peaking they peaked hard and long.

i heart you ad rock.

you are the king.

happy birthday.

people ask why i dont write about anna any more

i told her that when she got married to that no talent boy bander that i wasnt going to write about her. people ask me if i miss her and i say yeah, of course i do.

people ask if i will ever talk to her again, and i think to myself, but i dont say it, i think to myself, yeah, thats my girlfriend. i dont care who she marries, shes mine. he’ll get struck by lightning one day and she’ll come running back to me.

people ask if we talk on the phone or anything and i say no.

people ask if we ever send carrier pigeons to each other and i say sometimes, but only on a whim, or when we’re drunk.

but i lie, she sends me one almost every day. usually a white one that looks pink in the moonlight.

people ask me why i dont like her husband and i say easy, just look at him, or better yet (or worse yet) listen to him.

they say whats wrong with listening to him.

i say, if i was given the ability to sing, do you think i would sing that sort of crap? would you sing that sort of crap?

i say, if i was married to her, dont you think i would be wearing tshirts that said anna on it.

i would.

and on the back it would say fucker.

they say, but you two seemed to be so in love, and i say to them, so.

and they say, but you two were inseperable for a while, and i would say so were dean and jerry.

life goes on. ask benlo. people breaking up and people getting together is the oldest dance move out there.

people say would you ever forgive her for marrying him.

i say maybe.

but i think no.

people say will you ever be back together with her again.

and i say, of course.

look at her.

shes my girlfriend.

and they say awww thats sweet

but they dont see that behind my back, my fingers are crossed.

time killer + reger + tina

truelove: thanks for calling.

truelove: it was so nice waking up to your voice.

truelove: 🙂

dumbasstony: youre welcome

truelove: i love you.

dumbasstony: awwww

dumbasstony: i love you too!

truelove: happy halloween!

dumbasstony: how did the food turn out?

truelove: good.

truelove: smells good.

dumbasstony: how do you smell?

truelove: nice

dumbasstony: how do you look?

truelove: pretty

truelove: good

truelove: i think i look more like minnie mouse

truelove: than norma jean

truelove: 🙂

truelove: but it looks ok.

dumbasstony: thats cute

truelove: black and white tight gingam capris

truelove: red sweater

truelove: 40s shoes

truelove: fake eyelashes just on the edges of my eyes

truelove: red lipstick

truelove: hair curled

truelove: with a white bow in my hair.

dumbasstony: very cute

truelove: not too much make up

dumbasstony: heels?

truelove: yeah

truelove: 40s heels

truelove: they are these shoes i bought a while ago.

truelove: heels/maryjane type

truelove: very cute.

truelove: 🙂

dumbasstony: garters?

dumbasstony: for me?

truelove: hahaha

truelove: no garters my love

truelove: marilyn wore those .. not norma

dumbasstony: you still have time when you come over tonight

truelove: hahaha

truelove: are people dressed up at work?

dumbasstony: yeah, mostly like the gang guys we bust.

dumbasstony: kelly and regis are cracking me up

truelove: good ones?

dumbasstony: they dressed like pam and kid rock

dumbasstony: now theyre dressed as ashton and demi

truelove: hahahaha

truelove: really?

dumbasstony: so good!

truelove: do they look good?

dumbasstony: pro costumers

dumbasstony: i will post some pix hopefully

truelove: cool

dumbasstony: can i post this convo on my thing?

truelove: no

truelove: 🙂

truelove: if you want

truelove: whatever.

truelove: just a goofy convo

dumbasstony: i love you so

truelove: i love you too.

truelove: very, very much.

dumbasstony: xoxoxoxo

dumbasstony: have fun today

truelove: xoxoxoxox

truelove: you too!

moxie + madpony + this means whore

happy halloween, kiddies.

one of the few holidays that we celebrate here in hollywood.

today i put on my blogger hoodie and pretended to be an a list blogger. one kid pointed at me and said, hey, it’s jim treacher! another kid said, nah, its andrew sullivan!

i punched both of them, stole their candy, and kept moving.

nothing cuter than high school freshman kids squirming in agony on a city street corner in costume moaning my eye, my eye.

got into the office and almost everyone was dressed up as gang members, which is funny, sorta. its easy though to dress up like that since we have a lot of their stuff in the cage. sad thing is they were dressed as specific gang members who we had either busted or were planning on busting or stealing from.

one fat guy really had this mexican dude down perfectly.

if only they knew that their images were being celebrated in a way inside the secret offices of the xbi superhero hq.

last night i was a little sick. i wanted to go walk down hollywood blvd and get a stuffed animal, a lion, and put it on my shoulder today and have blood coming down his mouth and down my neck.

i wanted to get a white suit and put glitter all over it and be roy. but i was sick.

i took some echinacea and went to sleep early and woke up this morning feeling on top of the world.

thank you hippydrug. asiandrug. whatever sort of drug you are. thank you.

my computer is still broke, cub fans. my home computer. so if you dont see any updates this weekend its cuz my bro hasnt hooked me up yet. he does it for free and does it wonderfully so we cant blame him. plus he works in the day and rocks at night with my favorite band, and in the order of importance i wouldnt want it any other way.

so if i forget to tell you on monday, Tsar is playing at the Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake on 2906 Sunset Boulevard Monday night.

and if i forget to tell you, i thank you for reading my dumb blog.

its very nice of you.

drikoland + splinky + oliver willis