i had a good weekend.

still im not the happiest person in the world. ive been the happiest person in the world on many occasions. and the luckiest. right now im about the tenth luckiest. maybe the ninth. still im a normal person and sometimes i can forget how lucky i am and i allow myself to get sad about dumb things like the fact that will wheaton gets 4 times the links to him than i do. i also dont like this ebay transaction im embroiled in with this dude in florida. and since we’re making lists, im not completely happy with the cubs’ catcher and second basemen.

i am, however, so happy with Lick that i dont even know what to do.

tonight we’re posting the 34th story.

and its great.

there are four new stories this week and one of them is called f is for fucker.

atlantic monthly wished they had something called f is for fucker but theyre old and weak and slow and lick just kicked their ass.

all women writers.

ms. raspil iverson workin that photoshop and html/css mojo.

true stories of sex drugs and rock.


this is how Lick will be done. next week we will post the submissions that came in from now until friday. on sunday, after the academy awards the first issue of Lick will be completed, and those of you who watched, watched a kickass online zine get put together.

and then we’ll do it again.

i really hope you are enjoying what youre seeing and reading over there. but if youre not thats ok too cuz i sure as hell am loving it.

and the best part is this is just the begining.

lick + tourniquet + amy + mr. picassohead

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