in order to stop the emails,

i will admit that yes, ive been spotted out and aboot with a certain canadian playboy bunny.

often you hear me say how lucky i am.

i dont mean at the track.

havent been home in two days. im in my pajamas. ive just read some of the buzz machine, who i trust regarding politics. i dont know why. i just do.

in the mailbox today: the latest maxim magazine with eliza cuthrough whatever her name is hottie from old school and 24, my copy of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq by nexus alum chris scheer and his pa bob scheer, and a cd-rom of sexy pics of mindy formerly of 5ilver and now voxura, and a sweet postcard from italy.

going out: a nice package to mr chokey chicken and aaron from mist featuring my afro and some additional surprises because when people win your auctions they should always get a lil something extra. im thinking maybe some rookie basketball cards of some famous athletes.

plans for the night: laundry with karisa.

what the hells going on inthat picture? its tomdog’s kleenex dispenser

wearing: flannel shirt, pajama bottoms that says “sugar daddy” with pictures of the candy.

whats on the tv: shockingly nothing

whats on the radio: zip

whats in the iTunes: rare silence

current condition: still in shock about the raw talent of tsar as witnessed last night at the good hurt

probability that the cubs will win the world series: ridiculously high

cd to play while enjoying a nice hot shower: the darkness permission to land

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