in isla vista nineteen ninety

music couldnt get any better. half of tsar were in the wonderfuls. half were in mons pubis. and half were in the brothers steve.

the best band of iv changed every night. one night it was a bunch of heroin taking punkers from downtown santa barbara called bad neighbor. one night it was the all girl even punker Pre Marital Sex. one night it was keith browns glitterbug. one night it was the sean white band. one night it was grateful dead-esqe electric blue.

a metal band that year was flown to florida to compete in mtvs battle of the bands. their name was indica.

but the next year indica had been forgotten because isla vista’s ugly kid joe had actually broken through and had a top 40 hit on mtv, the spunky i hate everything about you.

people speculated as to who would be next to get signed and be huge.

because the pixies had a minor hit with “here comes your man”, locals immediately pointed to pop punkers rogue cheddar. a working man’s camper van beethoven.

rogue cheddar’s bass player, and axe wielder, was a fella named tom, who is now better known as tomdog, buzznet’s #2 most active user (second only to buzznet founder, mc brown, who used to play rogue cheddar tunes on kcsb-fm where brown was music director).

at blogtime, with 11,506 buzznet comments posted, tomdog is only 1,100 comments from being topdog.

rogue cheddar was the thirsty thursday house band for quite awhile. thirsty thursday was the weekly keg that my hippie friends hosted nearly every thursday for the four years that i was at ucsb. bring a buck and your own cup was the environmentally conscious motto of the long-running party hosted by jesus rob, toms next door neighbor when they lived on sabado tarde.

at first rogue cheddar was very bad.

they were the sort of band where youd get your beer and walk into the house and pick up on girls with the closing line of, “come with me, i live very very far away.”

and then seemingly overnight rogue cheddar not only had it together but they had original songs, a band groove, a tightness, a style, and a feel.

it was truly bizzare.

they were still playing thirsty thursdays but now they were releasing 7″ singles. i still have one.

they ended up playing on my radio show.

soon they had a tape out.

but then, as was the case of lots of great rock dreams, the singer fell in love and the band sorta fizzled into the overstuffed manila folder in the sky labeled “the woulda-beens”.

today tom turns thirtyblahblah years old.

when he was here in LA last he brought me over some rum, he gave me some good advice about my bicycle, and we even took a nice ride along sunset and downtown in the cuban girl’s honda element.

a few days later he created a buzznet account, and the internet hasnt been the same ever since.

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i dont know how much more in love i could be with this burrito.

its a chipotle burrito. chipotle i believe is partitially owned by mcdonalds.

if you remember the second season of the Osbournes, ozzy became addicted to a particular burrito. it was the chipotle burrito from the beverly center in beverly hills, where i got this particular burrito from.

i get the shredded beef mild salsa black beans sour cream and cheese.

its a big fat burrito that lures you in with the spiciness and keeps you hooked with their magic ingredient that i can only describe as love.

when Senior Vista’s opens up in Isla Vista there will be a burrito that i will call The Ozzy which will be curiously similar to the burrito that i am nursing right now that i would marry if it could only clean up a little around the house.

if only chipotle toasted their burritos After they wrapped them for you, so as to lock in the magic and melt the cheese oh so slightly.

of course i will have to invent a post-burrito toasting machine that is curved but that will be the least of Senior Vistas worries.

getting closed down for having bikini girls working the happy hour keg will probably be my biggest hurdle

because i wont be hiring any bikini boys

thus sexism

thus a huge fight

thus i will have to pay off people to look the other way


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call me grumbly mcgrumbly today.

got chewed out for killing a perp this morning. i was all, this is what we do. they were all this isnt what you do. youre supposed to fly the helicopter and tell us where the dude is. i was all sometimes im the only guy there and its a clear shot. and they were all dont do it. whatever you do, let the other agents do it.

so steer chopper one around is what i will do and i will collect my paycheck and i will keep my thumb off the “laser” and i will look at the pacific and the mountains and the swimming pools and think of what i will do for a living in the next few years. cuz it aint being undercover for much longer.

i drove to work today in the cuban girls car. i almost want to take the bus tomorrow because i only have a week left to read the rest of the basketball diaries and i have to read it in order to teach it.

wednesdays are rough days for me because i get to fly around in the morning but then im supposed to have “office hours” where other members of the agency get to ask questions of me and go over plans for the next few weeks and next few months.

its good for everyone to be verbally in contact with each other, and it has cut down on errors and miscommunications but its a royal pain in the ass because theres no set schedule and most of the people, except for danielle, love to come down either right when i want to take lunch or right when im ready to go home. thats so not cool. and then theres the people who dont come down at all. and of course those are the ones who make the most mistakes.

i just want to drive around the country. how hard is that. i just want to write and take pictures. i could do that anonymously. i wonder if i could get a book deal based solely on this friggin blog. would people buy a book of a guy traveling around the country writing about america and taking pictures? probably not. plus i got nothing to say. plus im not some blonde bellyshirt wearing chickie and im not someone whos got dirt on michael jackson and im not someone who has dirt on the president of the united states of america.

i dont want to have dirt on anyone. i want to write a book about america and tell people that america is ok. i want the world to know that most of america doesnt get shown on tv. that most of america are people living in cul de sacs or drive fords.

that most of america, probably, couldnt give a rats ass about janet jacksons nipple. or about weapons of mass destruction, or even about howard stern for that matter. its my belief that most of america doesnt want anyone telling them how they should feel about things, or what they should be protected from.

but i dont know

which is why i want to meet them.

and then take their picture.

and if theres young women out there interested in kissing a real life b-list blogger, well i suppose with the right amount of wining and dining that might be arranged as well.

as long as afterwards they continue to say nice things about me.

ive had g-mail now for a week and i still love it.

hobo chic took a picture with ferris bueller + twenty-somthing + madmathias