corey patterson

leads it off for the cubs. pops it to junior in short center. ive never seen a game go by this quickly. imagine if you got stuck in traffic or lost and you just got to the park. id be pissed.

sammy sosa is up. you cant say piss on tv, did you know that. fucking assholes.

sammy has it 2-1.

hes already taken cincy downtown twice in this young season.

but the third times a charm.

charmed on the wb, sundays.

freel pokes at the shot to third. takes a step. one hopper to casey at first but sammy beats it out.

noone respects sammys speed. but there you just saw it.

they dont boo moises who wears number 18. i dont know too many good cubs who ever wore that number. i cant think of any, actually.

patterson wears the black stripes under his eyes, hes on deck as its 2-0 to aloooou.

slow curve over the outside corner for a called strike. 2-1.

handsome moises alou always looks like his back hurts takes it 3-1.

and the colored girls say allllooooouuuuu.

hes from houston by way of florida, long drive to left, crowd roars but its foul. ooooh. the organ cranks into gear. sammy goes back to first. full count. two strikes and three balls. balls. drink.

sammy goes on the pitch, foul ball. dusty was sending sammy. the organ plays an old fashioned baseball game riff. a nursery rhyme tune.

the crowd gooes alllooouuuu.

there goes sammy, alou’s ahead of the pitch and pulls it foul almost taking off the bonnett of a woman in the second row.

former cub manager lee elia is under the weather, wgn tv announcer chip caray announces to steve stone, they wish him well but i dont.

elia as you might remember told cubs fans who booed him that they should get jobs.

the cubs at the time only played their home games during the day as they didnt have lights yet. they used the Lord’s lights, the sun.

my mother on hearing this story allowed me to call in sick at school and go to the bleachers and boo lee elia the very next day.

hope you die, lee elia, hope you die.

alou fouls another one back, hopefully at caray and stone, who i dont like much either.

one out one on in the bottom of the sixth. full count. sammy goes. alou drops one into short left. no one was covering third so sammy slides easilly into third. the throw to third gets away.

now two umps are talking to alou who is still on first. no one knows why. maybe he was talking shit at the plate.

uh ram iz has 10 rbis this season so far. takes the first pitch inside, ball one.

heilemens old style, from gods country.

outside pitch, ramirez pulls it to third, sammy running on the hit, freel to first gets ramirez but the cubs score. and theyre up 1-0.

thank brings up last years marlin derek lee with bro on second with two outs, lee squibs it through second. jiminez leans the wrong way and the ball… it gets past him, alou still running, scores.

barrett to larkin at short thats three outs, cubs end up scoring two. two nothing cubs!

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