cubs versus reds

as blogged by tony pierce

kerry wood has a fat ass, but it helps him, and it looks flabby in his baggy home whites. the cubs best pitcher is on the mound for the cubs today and he just owned junior. one called strike high one whiff at a change at the toes and a weak long drive to center.

three up and three down for the goateed flamethrower.

the cubs of 2004 have four of the best cubs to put on the pinstripes in twenty years.

maddux, wood, prior, and sosa.

with patterson on first from a fielders choice sammy sends one deep to right wind blowing in and it bounces off the bricks for a double.

alou sends the count to 2-2 then 3-2 then walks draws a walk.

yesterday the cubs came back from five runs back to beat these reds 11-10.

bases loaded two balls on aramis ramirez

uh-rahmiss is how he pronounces it.

dont swing, lidles wild and the winds blowing in

swings and chops the ball down to third, freel tags third and throws it across the infield to first.

double play.

no score.

end of the first.

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