hi tony

hi blog.

are you mad at me?

no, why would you say that?

well, um, well, you used ta update me 3-4 times a day, and lately it’s been down to 2 times a day.

oh bloggy bloggy bloggy blog. i still love you. im just busy as all hell.

i know you are.

no seriously. do you have any idea what sort of mess LA is in and i’ve got to fix it?


are you crying?

sniff… no.

you ARE crying!

shut up. so.

dude youre the best blog in the world. everythings gonna be ok. things will slow up and i can write on here all the time again.

i know.

seriously. ive got some great plans for you.

you do?

well, not really. but im sure i will think of something good real soon.

what about my archives, why do you let them go to shit?

cuz on the weekends i really just want to chill out and not blog and not write and not do shit but lay around and watch baseball.


blog, the website hasnt been updated since bunny visited. if anyone should bitch its the site.


my links page is fucked. my everything is fucked, blog. if theres one thing that is even sorta in good shape its you.

i know, but i could be sooooo much better.

trust me, i know. and it kills me. its just that i have lick and the lick blog and work and the ladies and do you have any idea how many books i have to read to be able to write this well?

you dont read any books tony.

i know. but i should. then i would be able to write well.

whatever. just try to spend a little more time on me and i’ll be happier and maybe people will comment more or donate to the car fund or something. or maybe you’ll get laid more or something.


thanks tony.

im sorry blog.

its cool tony.

i love you buddy.

dont be gay, bro.


i liked the oliver stone documentary with castro. it was honest. it was interesting and it was far from soft on the dictator.

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