i like my rockstars crazy and sweet.

and if ever there was someone sweet it’s courtney love. go pick up her new record america’s sweetheart whereever records are sold.

bary larkin leads off the sixth. foul ball to right. one and one.

kerry wood hasnt looked all that but hes getting them out, grounder over second but slowly enough for gonzo to grab it and throw it to lee at first for the first out.

ken griffey junior misses a sinker for strike one. but doesnt fall for it a second time, one and one. griffey still uses the black under his eyes even though…. well hes black.

kerry jams him he pops up and holds that classic pose with the bat down and left arm bent retardedly.

pops up again foul. hes thirty four years old. how does time continue to fly.

and when you fly fly southwest.

derek lee catches this high pop. griffey never had a chance.

first pitch to casey is a groundout to short.

and just like that the reds are up and down. hope you didnt put too many quarters in the meter cuz we’re headed to the bottom of the sixth

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