sammy bounces it to freel at third for a quick

first out. bringing up moises alou.

the cubs fans arent booing theyre saying alouuuuuu.

lidle has nothing. first pitch is 84 mph and high ball one. a 77 mph curve falls over the plate for strike two. moises pops the next one up high. high. high but larkin camps out under it and theres two outs. where are the bats from yesterday mary kay?

air uh miss whiffs at strike two. cubs are making lidle look like christy matthewson. uh ram has like a .500 average against lidle which rhymes with ladel which you want lots of if youre eating campbells chunky soup. but i use a spoon.

foul ball on a hanging curve. still no balls for ramirez.

fouls another one back. twelve dozen balls. thats how many are used in a common major league baseball game.

thats my guess, what do i know, im blogging this.

the trainer comes out to see if uh ram is is ok, he says see, spelled si and proves it with a shot past the second baseman for the cubs first baserunner since the first inning.

derek lee is up he could be the key to the world series for the cubs he drives it through the hole at short and the cubs have two runners on with two outs here in the bottom of the fourth with michael barrett up batting 345.

the former expo catcher takes the first one low for a ball.

drink every time i say ball, and when you do, drink with style, old style beer.

reds dont have much of a bullpen so it would be key to get up on lidle now. slow grounder to second who tosses it to larkin who tags the bag and the cubs waste a little rally.


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