the best thing about last night’s saturday night live

season finale is the promise that it was jimmy fallon’s last show.

the problem wasnt that he was gay.

the problem was that he was gay and not funny.

and he tried to rip off and replace adam sandler.

in a gay way.

but mostly it was that he wasnt funny.

there was tina fey feeding him all the best lines, and there he was fumbling over them. laughing at himself like it was funny.

it wasnt funny.

it was sad.

it was the equivalent of a dumb blonde minus the cleavage.

dumb blondes however are at least funny sometimes.

remember when jimmy fallon went through two entire seasons without being funny once?


only colin quinn before him was as ridiculously unfunny and yet was allowed to keep the prime gig of anchor of weekend update.

pretending that there were no better people in america for that role than colin quinn or jimmy fallon.

im glad his album failed.

im glad he probably wont be guest hosting the show for at least a year

and im glad he thinks he can start a movie career.

and i cant wait to see him in a “where are they now” special in about 10 years.

tina fey should host weekend update alone next year.

and tsar needs to be a musical guest.

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