cure to your woes: get interviewed by a big time newspaper

about your stupid little blog.

thats what happened this morning and it worked like a charm.

nothing i like to talk about more than the cubs. and when i cant do that, talking about blogging and the web and the busblog comes in a close second.

the paper hadnt heard of me and im not sure how they got my name on their list but they did and im grateful and im stoked and if i make it in there in the next few weeks or whenever it comes out i will be sure to let you know.

the reporter was great. he was very knowledgeable about the blogosphere and seemed to recognize all the names that i gave him like the instapundit and makeoutcity and some of the others who i recommend that he should also talk to.

but then came the uncomfortable moment when he asked me my age.

as a former college journalist, i understand the need to say stuff like Tony Pierce, 79, from Hollywood California runs the busblog…

so i explained to the fella that i dont reveal my age because age shouldnt matter when it comes to writing on the web. people shouldnt be judged by anything other than their writing. i tried to explain that i didnt know that SE Hinton was a chick when i read those books and that was part of her plan. i tried to explain that JD Salinger didnt like pictures on the covers of his book because he wanted people to just read the stories and have the stories tell the story.

similiarilly it might distract people if they found out that indeed i was 16 years old in the same way that it might confuse them if it turned out that i was truly 110 years old.

like ive said before, theres lots of experiments going on in this blog and one of them is the age thing. i want people to like the posts or the blogs solely on what they read and not because im black, live in hollywood, voted for clinton, or root for the cubs.

its idealistic as fuck, but whatev, hopefully people could deal.

and the only thing that would give me a brighter smile would be if one day someone would write, Tony Pierce, 110, writes his busblog from the closet of his hollywood cabana…

the other thing he asked me about was where i worked.

since i didnt have time to explain what the xbi was, i had to say, “just write that i work in an office in hollywood.”

hopefully those two things wont ruin my chances for a nice mention in the paper since my mom would be so happy if she saw my name in print in such a fine journal of american daily news.

p.s. thanks to all of you who said nice things in my last few posts

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