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Hi, I read your blog…

Ok, I’ve been looking at your blog for months. I’ve looked for your email address before but never found it on your site. Maybe I’ve been blind, but I finally noticed it today. Anyway, I don’t read your posts much, they’re allover the place, long and make no sense. I never know if you’re bullshitting or not and I know nothing about you so it never makes sense wtf you’re talking about. However, I find those pictures you post with your entries really interesting, I demand you caption that shit. Because I always end up reading your useless blog entries trying to find some info on the pictures, but it turns out to be a waste of my brain.

P.S. That girl you always post, thin, red head, always wears long gloves. What’s her name? Tell her she’s beautiful for me. Thanks.


Hello Mr. Tony Pierce,

Just noticed that you linked to my blog amongst your many million

other links but I got at least one referall from your page so cool.

Oh, right, in case you don’t know who I am and are wondering just why

the hell some random person linked to you and so you randomly linked

to him, I’m Michael. I’m a friend of Allison’s (melting_dolls). When

she visited you I happened to be on IM with her at one point and

attempted a moment of humour by gasping that she was in presence of a

celebrity. If none of that rings a bell, then just wait a few years

and everyone will know my name….. or not. Whatever though.

Thanks for the link.


you’re a stud


My boss just came by and asked me if I knew who Tony Pierce was and why

was he linking to our corporate website.

And did I know what the hell a “blog” was?

Apparently our website has been getting traffic from your link via my


Sorry, I should have used my private email to avoid the confusion.

I told him that bloggers were people who wrote about what they wanted,

instead of writing what they were told to write (like I do every day).

I told him Tony is the coolest 110 year old blogger on the Internet and

that nothing he wrote was ever true. And that lack of truth must be why

Tony felt an affinity for our high-quality software products and linked to


But more likely, Tony meant to link to something cool, hip or news

worthy and linked to my place of employment by accident. (Just kidding.)

He was, “oh well, any publicity is good publicity” and went back to his

leather-appointed office to nurse his Italian coffee.


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