tsar tore through a blistering thirty minute set last night

at the world famous spaceland in silverlake reminding the record heads of their label who are the future and present kings of the school. and it was loud and it was furious and it was punk, and despite the fact that the sold out club cheered for more tsar refused because the damage had been done the butter had hardened the eggs had cooled and the jello was jiggling.

put it in the refrigerator, rock fans. tsar have arrived.

blasting a wall of sound thick and swirly and powerfully the LA quartet moved beautifully between their heavier new numbers and their familiar older tunes reminding their lazy label where they had come from, where they are now, and where they should be.

the crowd were mezmorized. they had arrived at 9pm sharp. they had purchased their super large draft beers. they stood in front of the stage and they got their minds blown as promised.

tsar jumped around and smiled and screamed and shredded and pounded and kicked down the door and sounded more like an tight solid arena rock band in their prime than a poppy-punk outfit from los feliz.

whalen and kern treated their guitars like red headed step children. they abused their tools and created shrieks and hums and squeals like masters.

solomon tried to duck for cover but he couldnt.

coulter laughed and laughed and the old men wet their drawers.

theres not only money to be made off these boys but theres music to be made. beautiful music for ugly undeserving people.

the best song of the night was my favorite off the upcoming disc, “wrong”, which should be the anthem of america as we continue to watch this unjust invasion that bad music has rallied against fm radio.

special guest star of the evening was my long lost pallie, kitty bukkake who shared several beers with me and looked smashing despite her coast to coast commutes.

it was just as much a pleasure to catch up with her as it was to be in the presence of majesty.

1313 silverlake blvd.

one day your kids will drag you there in hopes for seeing the stage where tsar once rocked.

george must go + treacher + souptree

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