i swear we’ll talk about babes soon

but first a word from our pal Howard Owens:

I used to say that I couldn’t decide who to vote for. In the last view days, I’ve decided to vote against Michael Moore. Whatever I can do to make MM miserable, that’s how I’ll vote.

Also, Tony writes, “no gary, we’re not mad that he is “liberating” iraq, we’re mad that he took us to iraq under the guise of wmd, not human rights issues.”

No, you’re mad because he’s a Republican liberating Iraq. You’re mad because he doesn’t fit your ideal of a politician liberating Iraq. You’re mad because you don’t like him and he liberated Iraq.

It has nothing to do with WMD, because you never believed it was WMD in the first place, or argued that the WMD wasn’t a good enough reason to go to war, or whatever … you were against the war before the war for whatever reason you could find, and only later latched on to the “Bush Lied” meme, however untruthful that meme actually is.

The left’s agenda has never been about Iraq, pro or con. It’s been about Bush and hating Bush and pushing a liberal/progressive/partisan agenda. If Bush said “I support socialized medicine,” the left would suddenly say socialized medicine is a bad thing.

The right did the same thing to Clinton was president.

Moore is a perfect example of the “hate Bush first” league … invade Afghanistan = bad thing; now, it’s “we didn’t send enough troops to Afghanistan and we didn’t send them quickly enough.”

First, Afghanistan shouldn’t have been invaded, now it’s that it wasn’t invaded properly. It’s called moving the goal posts, and the left does it to Bush on a daily basis, just as the right did it to Clinton for eight years.

a few points howard,

im not a liberal. in the last elections i voted for Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, and Nader. i don’t follow groups, i follow my heart. groups can follow me if they want.

im a born-again who listens to nwa, gwar, and iron maiden. im a blogger and i can pull chicks. im a black man whose favorite record this year is the new loretta lynn (my prayers are with her).

i agree with many planks of the republican platform: less government, personal privacy, self-reliance.

i also agree with many planks of the democratic platform: help the poor, tax the fucking rich, more money for schools than for bombs.

i also agree with many planks of the libertarian platform: individual liberty, personal responsibility; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade.

i also agree with my hippie friends who think we should legalize weed, socialize meds, abolish the fcc, break the monopoly of ticketmaster, and allow women (and men) to be topless whenever they please. not sure which party is rallying around those things.

and i think the dh is bad for baseball. duh.

i wasn’t in favor of invading afghanistan or iraq. im still not in favor of what we did in iraq or afghanistan, although im less upset about the latter than the former.

one reason im not jumping up and down about kerry is i believe he shares these beliefs but is willing to bend because he is a politician and doesn’t want to be seen as a bleeding heart. its impossible to hope for a leader with a spine AND a brain, so i wont dwell. but sorry to break it to you howard, but i would have been upset if clinton had sent us to war with iraq too. or gore. or hillary. or anybody. especially over wmd.

lots of people have wmd and we don’t invade them. similarily there are lots of murderous tyrants who aren’t sitting on barrels of oil and we don’t “liberate” those people either.

im a pacifist but if Bush said right now that he wanted to “liberate” Saudi Arabia, i would be in favor of it. the victims of 9/11 don’t deserve to die in vain, and america needs to get back into the business of fighting wars against people who started fucked up shit against us.

there is a huge difference my friend between don’t tread on me and don’t think about treading on me.

freedom is a double edged sore.

which brings us to your unfounded question, if bush said he was in favor of free health care, i would vote for him. i fuckin dare him.

perfect example: someone asked me today what i would do if i found out i had cancer. among other things i said i would quit my stupid job. and then we realized i wouldn’t be able to because then i would have to fight cancer without any health care! even terminal im chained to my cubicle.

my kingdom for an accountant.

i don’t have problems with bush because he’s a republican. i have problems with him because he’s a moron, a liar, a failure, why we hate fratboys, and because he’s Not a republican. less government doesn’t mean more FCC. less government doesn’t mean coming out against gay marriages from the executive branch. less government doesn’t mean giving less money to soldiers as they’re in the middle of a hopeless “war.”

not everyone who thinks bush is bad is a liberal.

some people just don’t like being lied to in regards to why this country goes to war.

other people don’t like being lied to about when public people are asked about their private sex life.

me, i couldn’t care less about what you do sexually in the privacy of your oval office, but don’t bullshit me about real matters of life and death.

and don’t call me a liberal.

im an american, i can think for myself.

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suddenly the republicans want to listen to clarke?

Sure he’s a Jabba-sized oaf, but give him his due. He knows how to play the left’s paranoia like a fiddle, and he does.

Moore film deception item #1.


More to follow…not that anyone on these forums care.


Dear Stinson,

If you want us to listen to Richard Clarke about 9/11, the Iraq War, and Bush, etc. then please tell us what else you would like us to pay attention to.


“Your government failed you � and I failed you. We tried hard, but that doesn’t matter because we failed. And for that failure, I would ask � for your understanding and for your forgiveness.” – to the 9/11 commission on 3/24/04

or this

“If Condi Rice had been doing her job and holding those daily meetings the way Sandy Berger did, if she had a hands-on attitude to being national security adviser when she had information that there was a threat against the United States … [the information] would have been shaken out in the summer of 2001,” – on Larry King

or this:

“I tried to explain (to Rice): ‘This office is new, you’re right. It’s post-Cold War security, not focused just on nation-state threats. The boundaries between domestic and foreign have blurred. Threats to the U.S. now are not Soviet ballistic missiles carrying bombs, they’re terrorists carrying bombs. Besides, the law that established the NSC in 1947 said it should concern itself with domestic security threats, too.’ I did not succeed entirely in making the case.” – from his book Against All Enemies

this, perhaps:

“We did exactly what al Qaeda said we would do — invade and occupy an oil-rich Arab country that wasn’t threatening us in any way,” – Keynote speech on 6/26/04

or perhaps this:

“I find it outrageous that the president is running for re-election on the grounds that he’s done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it. He ignored terrorism for months, when maybe we could have done something to stop 9/11,” – 60 Minutes

personally i was willing to discount his book and his complaints about the president, but if the repubs are suddenly saying that he’s not crazy then i will reconsider.

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chad from chokey chicken

pleaded with me not to write about politics this morning and i will do my best. this is just a fascinating time in world and national politics. to me whats so interesting is…

ok focus… no politics.

hot chick called me yesterday. last night to be specific. you know youre in a slump when they call you, and no matter what you cant get them to come over.

so yap yap yap they call and the good thing is i can get my dishes done while i talk on the phone. but during the middle, near the end, heck, even in the beginning, im trying to close the sale, trying to get them over, trying to find a rendevous spot. anything. its been weeks, america. weeks.

so i hung up and watched my girl kirsten dunst on letterman and i turned up the sonny rollins and just watched kirsten on tivo slow-mo like a perv. watching the way her mouth moves when she talks. watching the way her hands move super slow as she gestures.

and the phone rang again, and it was clipper girls cousin. she was crying.

my experience is you cant get a crying girl into a naked girl within an hour. and as it was 1am, and my bedtime is 2am i figured either i could be a friend or i could be a dick.

so i laid in my bed and i listened to her cry over her stupid man troubles and at 2ish she sniffled her last sniffle and asked if she could come over and spend the night with me.

and for some reason i was really pissed off because at the begining of the conversation i was all, why dont you come over and we can talk about this face to face, you know, holding hands and stuff.

and she was all, no. she could tell that there was something in the works.

but now that it was 2, and she was done being sad, she wanted someone to hold all night, and someone to be held by, from, however you put it.

and the highschool boy nerdy fuckup too-nice friend-only tony who had been burned once too many times said fuck that shit. and the bachelorpad always-be-closing-horny-as-fuck tony was all, sure she’ll be here at 2:30a, bang till 3a and get four and a half hours sleep.

but then the logical part of me said, if youre in a slump, aint no way that girl is gonna come right over and be in the mood for your dumb ass. say no, say no.

and i dont know if ive ever shown you a picture, but this girl is hot. rocket hot. more than one time ive heard tires screech to a stop when we walked down the street and it wasnt because they eyed the author of the world famous busblog.

and like a dope i said, sure come on over. and kiddingly i said, but dont try anything fishy.

and she came over at 2:30, and she told me what a great friend i was.

and we slept with the window open

and at 2:35 she was snoring

and it was funny, the slump had not ended.

and i fell asleep laughing a dopey happy laugh.

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