as a whole it was a shit week

lakers totally folded.

madpony quit.

my favorite drummer from my favorite band hung up his cowboy hat.

my arms and hands felt like crud.

courtney love canceled her tour.

britney spears canceled her tour.

the olsen twins became legal and didnt fly to hollywood to have sex with me.

and miss montreal permanently gave me back my housekey.

and still somehow, even though i promised myself that i wouldnt blog this weekend, to give everything a break, i popped in johnny cash’s american iv: the man comes around and the itunes shuffled and began the session with the title track

my true love is flying home from cancun.

she took a vacation with a gaggle of european lesbians.

she called me from there one night and told me about how it had rained so hard that the little cabanas that they rented were flooding and the couple who rented the little fellas invited them into their home and fed them and opened up the house and let them stay there, which they did, and drank all night, and sang songs from many lands, and cooked dishes from everywhere.

she told me that she made the ladies my favorite breakfast treat, grits a la mode.

its not really a la mode, but that sure sounds better than a la bacon&eggs.

the trick is to make the grits a little watery and let the eggs be runny.

that way the grits dont soak up too much of the yolk right away and you have a shot at tasting the delicous endulgence.

i asked her how they found grits down in cancun but the phone kept cracking in and out on account of the stormy weather and i think she said that they actually had a big box of grits right there in the cupboard.

and then the connection started to be really bad

and i said baby i can only hear every other word that youre saying

she could hear me fine

i know because she said slowly with a little laugh




tonight we will celebrate her 86th birthday

and maybe thats why im loving this friday night.

when she turned 20 + when she turned 21 + three days before we split

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