Bukowski: Born into This

starring Charles Bukowski, Bono, Tom Waits, Sean Penn

directed by John Dullaghan

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i had a killer weekend.

my true love came over. she threw out her back and was reacting poorly to her meds. it was awesome. super hot chick at my house who couldnt move and was so doped up that she couldnt say no.

we watched tv. we renewed our vows. we ate. we went shopping. we kissed. we hugged. it was beautiful.

i have never had a relationship where the feelings that ive had for someone when i was dating them remain exactly the same after we broke up.

we lay in bed and tell each other all the sweet things and we hold each other and we look in each others eyes and its magical. and its bizarre.

the bizarre part isnt the love. its the lack of jealousy. its the lack of wanting our relationship to be more than just friends. of course i want more, i would marry the ho if she let me, but just being around her is awesome. its like my anti-krytonite. its wonderful.

yesterday we woke up early and went to see the Bukowski documentary, which was wonderful. she asked me if i noticed all the similarities between my favorite writer’s life and my own and i said nope.

she said, he even had the same zip code as you.

i was all, so.

she said, wasnt he wonderful and more gentle and more sensitive in a nice way than you expected?

and i said yes. very much so.

and she said, and all the girls he got once he started getting popular, didnt that remind you of someone?

and if a black man could blush i woulda right then but instead i put on my sunglasses

and we got out of the Showcase Theatre on la brea and the sun kissed our faces and we held hands and three ninjas jumped out from behind a hasidic man and i beat all their asses and we kept walking and she put her head on my shoulder and i said would you like to drive or would you like for me to drive

and we then drove down melrose and we listened to the new beastie boys record and it almost felt like both of us were on meds, but no, i was just at peace. i was happy.

some of the other girls :cough: anna might get upset but she shouldnt. this is real love. its something that cant be seeked out. its something that cant be contrived.

my true love and i had a one night stand early on in our relationship and i wanted to blow her off afterwards. the sex was great but i didnt see a future for us, and to be honest i wasnt completely 100% attracted to her at the time.

but cupid didnt care. he aimed and got my ass and i fell in love with my truest hard.

im still in love. im so in love i tell everyone im in love with her and fortunately the hot chicks know that its blind love which means i’ll still give everyone a chance cuz theres nothing else i can do.

sometimes i wonder if my truest went to the voodoo woman and had her make me drink the love potion but put in way too much and it wont wear off for a few hundred years.

or more.

not even a hedgehog + negrophile + paul frankenstein

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