when i think of the president of the united states,

this is what i see.

i see a fucking retard.

one of the reasons that my wife moxie and i get a long so well is that shes not jealous of the girls i date, and she and i dont discuss politics.

i kid her that even if she did blab on about why she’s republican it wouldnt bother me, cuz everyone loves dumb blondes.

but i am feeling good today, so since i know that i have a lot of people who are in favor of the president, nay, want him to actually give us four more years of this, i want to find out why tonight.

please tell me why you think President Bush, pictured, deserves four more years.

tell me what he has accomplished over the last four years, especially since all i see are bad things (3 trillion deficit, highest gas prices ever, a billion dollar a day iraq habit, no wmd, no obl, etc).

tell me what you think he will accomplish in the next four years.

tell me what you see in him that im missing.

tell me how he will help not only the USA but the world.

tell me how he will improve jobs in the usa.

tell me how his so-called Christianity will influence the nation in a positive way.

tell me how he will work with the fcc to benefit free speech and choice on the airwaves.

tell me how he will improve healthcare.

tell me how he will make america a safer place, and not just from terrorists, but from normal criminals.

and/or tell me how he will help the country via education.

tell me how George Bush will do any of these or all of these or some of these and i will listen and it will be here in the comments, for the record for all to see.


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