5:02 bebe winans sings the national anthem

it needed to be sung again?

maybe he was making up for what that teengirl did to it.

by the way, the place is full now.

but damn is he singing this thing slow.

so this is what they meant when they said that kerry wouldnt accept the nomination until august. fuckin bebe isnt gonna finish the damn song till then.

6. j. osborne $22

al gore walks on with the snl band heavy on the slide guitar. kountry kitchen type feeling.

this is the guy who got more votes than the president, little respect band.

i feel bad for al.

seemed like a nice guy. won. and now hes sorta blackballed.

“you know the old saying, you win some, you lose some, and then theres that little known third catagory.”

“take it from me, every vote counts.”

“let’s make sure that the supreme court does not pick the next president. and that this president is not the one who picks the next supreme court.”

fascinating, a guy who can speak well and naturally.

5:13pm “and it is in that spirit that i sincerely ask those watching at home tonight who supported president bush four years ago, “did you really get what you expected from the candidate you voted for? is our country more united today or more divided? has the promise of compassionate conservativism been fulfilled, or do those words now ring hollow?

“‘for that matter are the economic policies really conservative at all? for example did you expect the largest deficit in history, year after year? one right after another?

“‘and the loss of more than a million jobs?’

“by the way i know about the bad economy, i was the first one to get laid off.”

oh, al. now im sorry i voted for nader.

“and god bless the united states.”

almost buddy, almost.

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