starring will ferrell, christina applegate, and vince vaughn

directed by adam mckay

saturday night live hasnt been good for a very long time.

but for a few years will ferrell not only made it watchable, but enjoyable.

he is now beloved, genuinely funny, and versitile. another in the long line of saturday night live alumni who have successfully made the jump to film.

it is no suprise then to understand that at the root of the huge disappointment that is anchorman is the writing and directing of adam mckay

who is adam mckay? the first-time director responsible for years of bad writing for saturday night live.

anchorman is what happens when you run a five minute snl skit to two hours. its one joke, totally overboard, with very few suprises or interesting gags, despite the few glittering moments during cameos with jack black, ben stiller, and tim robbins.

the audience wants to laugh. the audience wants to jump in, but like the stiff clueless charactacture of the news anchor that ferrell is portraying, the film has no heart, no real life of its own, no dimension.

the cast of old school was totally wasted.

on the greg vaine scale of reviewing movies, anchorman is a mediocre Good.

and christina applegate should have been replaced by jenny mccarthy.

i laughed more during the trailers of fahrenheight 9-11.

kevyn malone + jason goldman + paige

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