britney doesnt want me

to write about politics anymore. and i dont wanna do it neither.

i just want to write about taking pictures out of a greasy bus window cuz the subway was clogged with a broken train this morning.

i wanna write about how great it is to have lunch with danielle every afternoon that im not flying the smogy skies.

i wanna write about the cubbies and how they shouldnt be involved in any three-way trade with beantown and zona. the cubs should send glendon rusch and mitreto the the d-backs and for the big unit, and they should send corey patterson, alex gonzales and kyle farnsworth to the sox for nomar.

avoid the middle men.

i wanna write about how insane that cubbies lineup would be. i wanna write about how we need a ring right now, today. and speaking of rings, the cubs could pay for all of this nonesense real simple.

they should sell replica Cubs World Series rings via to all the fans for $420 that look exactly like the ones the Cubs would earn once they have Randy Johnson and Nomah.

are there 10,000 cubs fans who would wear such a gaudy, silly, doofus, nerdy, outrageous peice of jewlery?


theres probably 25,000.

i might buy two myself.

on one side it needs to say 1908 and on the other side it needs to say 2004.

you should be able to put your name on the underside for $25 extra.

“hey hey” should be in there somewhere, as well as a design of some ivy.

i would never take it off.

yes, these are the things that a man of my stature should be writing about at 4:20p on a friday evening before i head out to vegas for a much needed respite.

instead the president just keeps on saying look at me look at me

and nobody else feels inclined to write about it.

meanwhile i still havent had a chance to tell you about my two favorite cds of this year, so far…

Greg Vaine’s new cd, which makes me cry it’s so beautiful.

and Loretta Lynn’s collaboration with Jack White, that makes me smile cuz its so punk rock.

i hope you all have a great weekend.

ps. my hands are feeling so freaking great. id say theyre at 95%.

pps. Tsar will be on KXLU on Monday night at 11pm.

ppps. yes that is a KXLU sticker on the very top of the “no graffit please” sign, of which you can only see “los angeles” due to my dumb cropping

bunny mcintosh, your favorite sorta topless redhead college student needs you

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