“Cop Shop”

Chops ‘Fuck’ from PBS Show

PBS is usually a little slower to the trendy behavoir of commericial television, but the new Richard Dreyfuss cop drama is jumping on the (self-)censorship bandwagon, and the grey-haired star isnt happy to be caught in the jaws of conservativism.

“The new FCC regulations represent an unacceptable assault on our First Amendment rights, on everyone’s First Amendment rights, an act unworthy of a free country, an act of censorship,” Black told the critics. To underscore the irony of the required bleeping, Black added: “As for the word ‘f—,’ I stand with Vice President (Dick) Cheney, who recently used the word on the Senate floor and who said sometimes you have to use it unapologetically because it makes you feel better afterwards.”

Dreyfuss, speaking via satellite from New York, where he is starring in “Sly Fox” on Broadway even as he battles pneumonia, called the required deletion of the words “a real-world moral and ethical battle with grimly wrongheaded un-American types who play pick and choose when they define our freedoms of speech and religion as it fits their particular political needs.”

He added: “Officeholders should remember that we are not children and shouldn’t be patronized or protected from ourselves.”

– via Jeff Jarvis’ Buzzmachine

Who knew they said fuck on pbs in the first place?

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