“it’s now official,

he los angeles lakers have traded shaq to the miami heat for lamar odom, brian grant, caron butler, and a future first-rounder,” tony kornheiser said on today’s Pardon the Interruption. “It is an incomprehensibly stupid move by the Lakers, and if David Aldridge has half a brain he will agree with me. How ’bout it.”

“You never trade Shaquille O’Neal.” aldridge replied. “You go from being invincable, to vincable.”

john woo caught me in the hallway, his head was down, he said it softly but i nearly beat him to it.

they did it, he said.

i know, i said.

this wasnt a they did it like omg they did it. this was a they did it like the republicans have stolen the election they did it.

like we always knew it was possible, but we didnt think it would actually happen, right infront of us, right when we were already down and beaten.

shaq was traded to the miami heat today for lamar odom, brian grant, caron butler and a #1 draft pick in 2005.

hardly a king’s ransom, particularily because grant is an undersized center and odom is an unproven burnout, and caron butler is a third year hopeful who scored twice as many points in his rookie year than he did last year.

shaq, meanwhile, is a presence that is going to be nearly impossible to replace, and brian grant is not the answer.

people say shaq is old. shaq isnt old. not even at 32. they say he’s out of shape, and i say theyre looking with their eyes and not the stats. shaqs numbers only got better as the season went on.

the fact is people in LA never fell in love with the big aristole the way that they fell in love with kareem, magic, worthy, and now kobe, and its ashame because shaq was hollywood, he was hard, he was funny, he was tough, and for his size he was as durable as it gets.

if kobe actually signs with the lakers, he is still unbelievably unsigned, the lakers will have the kobe show which vince carter, t-mac, and the answer proved doesnt win titles.

if he doesnt sign

and why should he

the lakers have a 41 year old power forward

no center

a new coach

and not much else except you boy

fuck that, id divorce my wife go to new york and win the first title for the knicks in a hundred and ten years.

lakers fucked up.

kat + waiting on instapundit‘s two cents on the failed ban on gay marriage + aint no bad dude

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