ive never understood people’s problems with hillary

in lots of ways shes been an idyllic wife, standing by her man through thick and thin. she’s an educated, well-spoken, sober voice of the left.

i can see why people like rush limbaugh dont like her, even fear her. shes smarter than he is, has real power, and speaks to more people than just the grayhaireds and the unemployed.

but why would the dems not find time in their convention to have hillary clinton speak?

“It’s a slap in the face, not personally for Hillary Clinton (news – web sites), but for every woman in the Democratic Party and every woman in America,” Judith Hope, a major party fund-raiser and former chairwoman of the NY State Dem Party told the Associated Press.

According to the article, the former first lady “would appear at the convention’s opening night as part of a special segment featuring all the women senators, but she was not expected to speak.”

“To include the wife of the governor of Iowa, who I’m sure is a wonderful woman, and to not include Hillary Clinton is just such a glaring injustice,” Hope said. “It is, frankly, very stupid.”

Most see Ms. Clinton as the likely presidential candidate in 2008 should Kerry/Edwards lose. Why the Dems wouldn’t be reaching out to American women as the party of inclusion, and the party who have a good shot of giving this country its first woman president is beyond me.

Any problem that they had with her husband, they certainly dont have toward her. So whats the deal?

Unless of course this is all just a big fakeout, a planned ommision, if you will, to inspire a groundswell of support for the senator from new york, which will culminate in a dramatic and powerful speech this summer in boston.

as someone who witnessed hillary when she stumped for her husband back in ’91, i can attest to the fact that she can deliver the goods.

and she doesnt need a cadre of handlers to tell her what she should be saying or how to say it.

plus shes almost as pretty as edwards.

the dems should be embracing this woman who has gone through the ringer with her husband and has come out the other end even more powerful and solid than ever before.

i can’t wait to vote for her.

sk smith + britcoal + nico

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