i think matt has jetlag

from blogging from the dnc convention. hes buying this crud that u2’s beautiful day was a bad choice for kerry to end his speech with.

hey, i don’t care if welch was ten feet from the podium, i was on my couch like most of america and it played better on tv than 98% of his sweaty speech.

welch claims that it’s sometime-pessimistic lyrics contradict what you’d expect for a theme song of sorts.

to which i want to say “what lyrics?”

here’s the lyrics to Beautiful Day, and i am someone who watched a LOT of tv, including mtv and vh1, i saw u2 twice on that tour, the first being the first time me and karisa ever hung out.

“it’s a beautiful day,

la la la la la its a beautiful day

blah blah blah

touch me!

blah blah blah blah

its a beautiful day,

lala lalala…”

i think it’s a great song because it’s ridiculously uplifting. bono has no business writing another classic anthem that will be played forever.

and although springsteen’s “no surrender” is a great tune with some real songwriting, Beautiful Day brings that message of hope to this new century. not only is No Surrender twenty years old, it feels 50 years old compared to u2.

i understand that after the speech, kerry and edwards went to a democrat fundraiser where ll cool j performed.

mamma said knock you out would be a cd i’d rock if i was in charge of the music at the next dozen kerry rallies.

matt is secretly a terrific singer songwriter + twenty-something + bob mould

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