im always amused when people try to replace me.

they say they’re not trying to but they are. im not paranoid, im flattered.

got into the office today and there was chopper one being worked on.

the mechanics were all, “hope you have a good book.”

i was all, “i have a great book.”

they went, “hope it’s long.”

apparently the suits showed up over the weekend and tried out some new pilots.

behind my back.

and they not only failed, but the brainiacs fucked up the priceless helicopter that has had its problems over the years, but nothing that has grounded it for a week, like the mechanics are predicting.

“why dont you take a little vay-kay?” they asked me while on a little smoke break.

why should i burn vacation days just because they damaged my fucking vehicle? i asked them and pulled up a little beach chair and flipped open my laptop and shaved the stubble off the top of my head.

what i dont understand is im not getting paid very much, i havent been sick in years, i get along with pretty much every one. i have zero aspirations in going into management.

and yet at every turn it appears that theyre trying to squeeze me out. out of what? out of a crappy ass dangerous job where almost any day i could literally die on the job.

so the good news is, maybe this week i can blog the way that i’d like to blog: a shitload.

today we begin our Olympic pre-write coverage. Above you see Logan Tom, outside hitter for the US womens vollyball team.

the 23 year old will be competing in her second olympiad. The four time American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) All-American was a NCAA Final Four All-Tournament team selection while at Stanford.

In her final two years at school, the Long Beach resident was the AVCA National Player of the Year and the 2002 Pac-10 Player of the Year.

Tom was a highschool phenom at Salt Lake City’s Highland High where she led her Rams to two state championships and was crowned the 1998-99 Gatorade Circle of Champions National High School Volleyball Player of the Year.

The hottie was also a straight A student and the homecoming queen.

Tom, 6’0″, then went to Stanford which in her freshman year became only the fourth freshman to make the AVCA All-America first-team, and helped lead the Cardinal to the 1999 NCAA Championship match.

She made the jump to the US Olympic Team in 2000 while taking her sophomore year off. At 19 she was the youngest player on the team and the only collegiate player, earning the nickname Doogie, as in Doogie Howser.

If Tom can lead the US team to victory, it will be the first time the US women’s team has ever won gold. They are currently ranked #2 in the world behind China.

over the last two years logan has played professionally in brazil and in italy.

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