ive had some romantic kisses in my day.

i know it’s hard to believe. but it’s true.

ive kissed sisters. i’ve had three way kisses. lots of new years eve kisses.

ive kissed some people i probably shouldta, since they had boyfriends, etc. but that goes with the territory… i think.

some of the kisses have been drunken sloppy ones where hands started grabbing all over here-n-there.

some were rolling on the ground dunken ones. some were hey we’re in an elevator lets kiss ones.

a few years ago i was on a weird little streak of trying to only kiss girls in their teens. they ended up kissing a lot like girls who were no longer in their teens.

you cant really predict how good or bad someone is going to kiss. pretty girls arent always pretty kissers, and normal lookin girls sometimes kiss beautifully.

i once fell asleep while kissing a girl, and she wont kiss me any more for unrelated reasons.

sometimes a nice long kiss on the cheek, if you can believe it, is hotter than any other sort of kiss. i dont know how thats possible, but it is. trust me, it is.

with that said i dont know where the best kiss i ever got was or who it was with.

but one time i was skatingboarding in isla vista coming home from a burrito place.

i saw three young women sitting on the curb giggling.

hey tony! they yelled.

yes they were on the popular recreational drug at the time, ecstasy.

they wanted to kiss me. one at a time.

i had a girlfriend at the time so i had to say no.

my girlfriend at the time, however, they reminded me, was cheating on me.

plus it was only a kiss they said.

so i sat on my skateboard and watched them put on some lip gloss

and i kissed the first girl

and i slid down a foot to the next

and then i slid down to the next

and i nearly fell over

and they laughed and laughed until i asked for a do over.

no do overs! they yelled and laughed and i skated home forgetting to make them kiss each other.

ken layne + paige + low culture

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