murphys law at the xbi

: if you show up hungover, all day will be loud explosions, helicopter blades, jet engines, and honking horns.

and no time to blog.

i did make it back to wilshire to meet up with danielle to have lunch. as you can see from the photograph, when the elevator took us down to the garage she collapsed in a sloppy heap.

she says i should caption the pictures that i post.

i tell her that during the times that im not being terribly lazy, im extremely busy.

tonight karisa and i are going to the la press club to celebrate the release of luke ford’s new book at some fancy hotel in swanky somewhereswood hills.

she asked me through IM if she thought we were supposed to dress up.

i told her any party needed a touch of punk rock, and after a day of feeling like an old fucking man tonight i feel like rocking

in comfortable shoes.

i havent seen karisa in maybe a month. its ridiculous.

the california lottery is $59 million and i thought about that today. and how i told her a long time ago that if i won the lottery i would give her a million. and thats still the case.

the rest i would blow on tsar.

only thing better than taking a shower after a hard day of crawling in dirt, being shot at from three different sides, almost dying on the bus ride home, and being hungover during the entirety of it?

taking a shower and knowing that karisa will be at the door when you’re done.

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