another busblog exclusive + a letter from raymi

im going to write this off the top of my head to you tony and you are goin to put it up at lick or on your blog and revamp it if you want but you told me you loved me especially for my writingness.

as the world has noticed raymi has been on hiatus, building her mysteries and going a little, uh, manic. the real world is a scarey place for a hermit but then you eventually go oh yeh, that’s the world and that’s me and i am in it, right, i remember.

i get driven around everywhere or i walk and i’m hyper and i am sad and i am happy and then i am angry but in the end i am forgiving of whatever garbage happened, and then i take the blame for it and go you idiot you put yourself in that situation, look at you now.

i live in this little bubble of a town and it’s like the canadian hamptons and stuff but i dig it it learns me good but scares me a bit. i have a global mind, you know, and i miss my friends and foes all over the place, my heart is the size of a hot air balloon.

blogging made me paranoid, being a micro-celeb made me neurotic, sadness made me promiscuous, confidence made me scream at people and happiness made me cry.

i just wanted you to know that i am ok and i plan to get better and i am looking forward to fall, even winter and hopefully i’ll have a mini-vacation to los fagalus and possibly make amends with the police dept. of manhattan beach, heh.

i think people in my town think that i am a witch ‘cos of my long black hair and how i walk around talking to myself, well i did there for a bit, but only in my backyard and yes my neighbours have decided to fuck off and move. the property taxes have gone way up ‘cos of all the monster homes.

oh and everyone longboards now, tho i am still the only gurl and i have anti to thank for that and whitey for busticating his leg and being traumatised and i have weed to thank for the courage to bomb around like a crazyhorse.

can you make this make sense and if there are typos, highlight them and leave ’em.

– raymi the agnostic teacher preacher leacher

ps. ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

pps. i’m single and it’s ok.

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