as promised

here are my new answering machine messages.

they start off with one that you might have heard last time, ashley trying to trick me into calling her.

these tricks dont work. try all you want ladies, but trickery and tomfoolery never works. the truth works.

break up with your dumb men and send me letters of longing.

that will work.

keep your finger on the Volume button because our old pal danielle sure can be loud on the phone (and in person), so you might want to do some audio mixing there.

so with no futher adeui, heres the new messages.

1. ashley seeing if i called her at work. i didnt

2. karisa driving home in traffic asking about my root canal.

3. linda singing to me

4. my truest asking about the cubs

5. danielle being really loud

6. jeanine calling on thirsty thursday

7. oscar de la hoya calling about his fight

8. danielle telling me that “chump change” is being made into a movie

9. jeff from tsar telling me my computer is in

10. linda waking me up this morn

gekkeanna + everything is wrong + <3 bluecad <3

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