Sometimes I get sad

that I don’t have as many hits as I feel I should. I’ll admit it.

I know this blog will never be as popular as Wil Wheaton’s. I was never on Star Trek. Therefore I lose.

I know this blog will never be as popular as the Suicide Girls, even if my titties are as big as some of theirs.

There’s ways that I could get more hits. I know. One way is to just flat out ask people to link to me more, but that’s so pathetic. So desperate. So un-busbloggy.

As you know, one of my favorite blogs is Jeff Jarvis’s BuzzMachine. Jeff gets about ten times the hits that I do.

For some reason I’m not jealous of his hits because when a guy has worked for great newspapers his whole life, and created Entertainment Weekly, then something inside me seems to think that he damn well should be getting ten times more hits than my ass.

But the BuzzMachine taught me a valuable lesson regarding hits+popularity+traffic:

lots of traffic doesnt necessarily mean that you will be getting lots of smart people in your comments.

Read poor Jeff’s comments today for example as he tries to free the blogosphere from it’s addiction of mudslinging. All my man wants to do is have the bloggers and commentors focus on the real issues of the campaigns and his readers couldn’t wait a beat to even let it sink in before they were all, “What about CBS? What about the lying going on!”

It was like Moses coming down from the mountain only to see his people building golden calves.

Let my people rot!

Yes Mr. Jarvis does have some good people who frequent his comments, but certainly not 10 times more than I have.

Do smart people not want to comment on blogs?

Do smart people just have their own blogs?

I try to leave 4-5 comments a day on blogs. How can’t you? I vist maybe 25 blogs a day, leaving comments on a quarter of those seems like a walk in the park.

But am I alone in this practice?

Anyway, looking at Jarvis’s comments today it made me happy that I have what I have, which is a big enough readership that I can do incredibly selfish things like ask for an iPod and three days later get one for free.

And yet the busblog is small enough that the readership are people who actually know a little bit about the history here and the community and the basic idea of what I’m trying to do.

Maybe the million page views that I will end up with this year is enough and I should stop being such a competitive fuck comparing himself to the likes of trekkies and just focus on making a good blog.

Either way, let it be known that I love the readers of this blog and I am very happy that I rarely have to delete any comments, infact the opposite is true, often times I either print the comments that people leave or make a post inspired by them because theyre so good.

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