tonight karisa and i are going to see the beastie boys

at the universal amphitheatre.

as you know, karisa and i go way back but for some reason we’ve never seen the beasties together – totally our favorite band!

when i first met karisa, as has been documented several times, she was interviewing for a job at the dot com that i worked at.

it was my responsibility to seperate the riff from the raff and encourage all the kool kids to work for us for extremely low wages.

karisa took the bait in part because i was wearing a beastie boys tshirt at her interview.

infact we talked at length about the obvious brilliance of paul’s boutique and the overshadowed magic within the grooves of check your head.

only after she recited the entirity of Paul Revere did i hire her.

after making her sweat when she missed a line.

in truth i was leaning toward hiring her anyway but dont tell her.

since then pretty much every time that we’ve hung out together there have been beastie boys music rockin her xterra.

i remember one particular evening she was driving me home after we saw a knights tale and we started singing pass the mic quite loudly as we rolled down santa monica blvd.

this new record doesnt turn me on. it doesnt turn her on neither. i like the Triple Trouble single, but thats about it.

i have seen every beastie boys tour since their first album. Beasties + Run DMC + Grandmaster Flash at the hollywood paladium was my first experience followed with the same lineup at the Greek later that summer.

as a stereo salesman Licensed to Ill sold me hella speakers and even more subwoofers.

i have seen them at lollapalooza, ive seen them in the round, ive seen them do a little unplugged gig at mccabes guitar shop when they did everything in spanglish.

tonight i will see them from the fifth row thanks to a tip from my bro rob, thanks rob, and it will be the first time witnessing them with your girl karisa and i’m stoked.

there were rumours of tailgating and hot boxing before the show but we’re old so we will probably just do some quick shots at BB Kings like yuppies and haul ass across the CityWalk.

jaylex + iron mouth + kristi with a k

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