as you know we like to do little experiments here on the busblog.

some of them last years. some a few days. some last for months.

the new experiment we will do will last one week.

for this week the busblog will turn into an Entertainment blog.

music, film, television, and celebrity will be blogged about on this page.

this is how it will be different:

you, the reader, will help with the process by posting links in the comments to entertainment news that you think is interesting.

in return, i will give a hat tip (h/t) to your blog or website.

we’ll try this for a week. and see how many links we can get in a day. instapundit can do 30 a day but he doesnt fly an xbi helicopter around from 9-6.

i promise you that i will try to post as many interesting entertainment links on here as possible, and will find a bunch myself.

heres to science!

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