jim gilliam has done it again.

but truth be told it sort of fell in his lap.

gilliam, the co-producer of the scandalous Outfoxed, the documentary about the alleged republican favoritism of Fox News Channel. Its best moments, in my opinion was when they were exposing FNC’s biggest draw, Bill O’Reilly.

since gilliam had access to more Factor than is probably good for ones mental health, he was able to put together a cleverly done quicktime fisking if the need came up.

When O’Reilly was slapped yesterday with a $60 million sexual harrasment lawsuit after forcing a producer to listen to his sexual advice exploits and exaggerations,

the last person he wanted to have some free time would be jim gilliam

internet superstar

coproducer of the doc aimed right at him

who just happens to be sitting on hours and hours and hours of o’reilly being o’reilly.

enjoy the majesty.

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