sometimes i wake up on a grey cold monday morning

with no hot chick next to me, with no cool job to go into, with no real life to slip away in

and i think, yeah but you had a good weekend

in san diego

with danielle.

miss montreal was out of town and she told me i could use her honda element. i said, can i take it down to diego? she said, as long as thats as south as you go.

she knows i cant stand san diego and i love meh-he-ko.

ah fish tacos and cerveza.

so friday night right after work i took the ten to the four oh five and i sped down the coast to the new home of our miss danielle who lives in the gay part of san diego.

which is something that hot girls tend to do, im noticing, since its usually nice, and clean, and safe.

danielles place is cool. she has decorated it wonderfully. i will have more pictures later.

i got there around 9:45pm and the plan was to see Matt and Trey’s new puppet movie “Team America”.

So we sped over to the mall next to Hotel Circle and it was sold out, so we went to the mall next to that mall and it was playing at 10:30 and 10:45. you know how i hate san diego, but i gotta tip my hat to them for that one.

we saw the film, it was good, not great great, but good.

problem is, despite the numerous good jokes – numerous – you end up not liking any of the characters. its weird. the puppetry is awesome. they even make fun of the genre a lot. the songs are great. the story isnt bad. but for some reason the thrill is gone about half way though.

hard to explain.

someone called it the best crappy movie ever.

rocky horror gets that award, plus this wasnt crappy. it was good. they just needed something in the middle to make it better. i dont know what. but something.

reading the interviews with trey and matt they pretty much hated the process, which ballooned the costs up to $30 mil. but im glad they did it and it was a fun friday night film for she and i to see.

we stayed up late reading some of the crazy emails that i have in my gmail account.

in the morn we ate at this bread place and went shoe shopping.

i miss danielle. i forgot how great we get along together. its freaky.

and this morn i have to return the car and go back to my dumbass life.

i cant say that i like san diego any better after this trip, but at least i have one more friend there that i can call if im ever on my way to baja.

btw, we used gmail on her mac laptop, i was under the impression that it didnt work on macs.


danielle + panama jane + heroine girl

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