theres a good possibility that Bloggers

will become the Time Person of the Year.

if thats the case then i will hang up my keyboard.

bloggers and blogging have taken a small step for mankind this year but they aren’t worthy of any such accolade.

sure a few right wing blogs made some trouble for dan rather, but given a few days real journalists would have made him aware of his misinformation.

if anything the rightwing bloggers should get some sort of award for walking around like Nothing went wrong in the Bush whitehouse these last four years, but it shouldn’t be person of the year.

sad truth of the matter is that neither bloggers or michael moore or even osama bin ladin (two far better noms for the Time award) changed the results of the election this month. bush won all the same states that he won last time and the dems won all the same ones that they won last time.

sorry but if im in charge of giving out awards i dont hand them out to people who made no difference.

if i was running Time there would be only one person that i would give the award to: Theo Epstein, boywonder and General Manager of the Boston Red Sox

who was able to recover from bungling the A-Rod for Nomah trade and not only win the world series without either star but beat the yankees in classic form.

yes the Red Sox winning their first world series in 86 years and reversing the curse can be trumped by no one.

not even those of us who tap tap tap in the darkness in our pajamas.

maybe next year.

the grey video + darling maggot + steve r

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