today is buy nothing day.

if i knew this earlier i would have named my book Nothing

and put it out today.

i’ll have to remember that for next year.

i wonder if ebay would let me sell nothing.

i wonder how much people would pay for it.

i wonder how much i should charge for shipping.

i wonder if it would be ok if i just sent an envelope.

if you even send an envelope havent you sent them something (an envelope) and therefore lied?

i dont wanna lie.

maybe i should just make a paypal button and cut out the damn middleman.

maybe i should do it before treacher beats me to it.

since im an accused contrarian youd think if i was id be totally into buy nothing day.

i think its cool, but what else are people supposed to do the day after thanksgiving?

you cant expect them to hang out with their relatives for two full days. enough is enough already.

they did a newscast from the best buy in burbank last night at 11pm and people were already standing in line for some shit that they were going to buy at 6am.

like $139 24″ flat screens at wal*mart.

anytime you can get people to spend the night in line, im for it.

but yes, Christmas is overcommercialized, and the religiousness has been sucked out of it. but at the heart of todays shopping is giving. which is a good thing.

even though i have a feeling that alot of the giving that will be happening today is people giving to themselves. and thats fine too.

the funny thing about buy nothing day is if i was like the president of it

and if i really wanted people to stop participating in the “frantic consumer-binge that’s become our culture” i would pull the reverse psychology on them and tell them to go shopping today

with all the crowds

and the crappy parking

and the long lines

and traffic

cuz then next year theyd be all, yeah fuck day after thanksgiving shopping.

infact maybe they’ll be all mmmmmm online shopping.

brand democrat has a nice little online store, for example.

or maybe today should be donate something day.

i never thought donating could be so controversial, but today i flowed the profits of yesterdays book sales to the world food programme which is currently struggling to feed the refugees of darfur.

the truth is people are programmed to buy things and give things.

no need to fight it.

it’s what seperates us from the terrorists.

that, and blogging.

sean bonner + lost in a lunchbox + rick abbott

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