yes i remembered that today is danielles birthday too.

how can i forget?

every day that i go to work and shes not there its like a nightmare.

for a while there we would spend all lunch and each of our breaks hanging out.

sometimes we would watch tv at my house and eat thai food

sometimes we would just fly around with chopper one on autopilot and look down on the stars.

ive only gone to san diego for two reasons. because my first girlfriend ever wanted to see me. and to go visit danielle two months ago.

some people you meet and you click perfectly. nothing needs to be altered.

some people you meet and no matter what you do its all fucked up.

danielle and i are a great team, we’re good friends, and i miss her terribly.

shes about 5 times better looking in person than in her pictures.

and about ten times more fun than i could ever describe.

once before she even really knew me she met me at a tsar show in venice and she danced even though everyone was standing around trying to be cool.

she wasnt worried about being cool.

in a perfect world i would have won the lottery and bought her a condo down there, one with a landing pad and a hot tub.

somewhere theres some college students who are very fortunate to have our girl as their TA.

lord knows i never had a TA like her.

happy 23rd birthday danielle k.

my life is empty without you.

last days of danielle + a good pic of her + danielles blog keeping it real

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