hi little kid

victimized by the indonesian earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

hi tony pierce!

how old are you?

im two.

tell us what happened to you.

big fucking earthquake, big fucking tidal wave, big fucking tree hit my big fucking head.

i know youre probably hopped up on goofballs but how about taking it easy on us with the language.

95. bloopy

sorry tony thats how they fucking talk here.

the talk like that in thailand?

they talk like that here in fucking phucket thailand. it’s awesome. sorta wish i could enjoy it though.

why cant you enjoy it?

fucking tidal wave took my fucking parents away.

well whats their names, i’ll find em for you.

im two. i dont know their fucking names.

ok, well whats your name.

fuck if i know.



do you miss em?

the bash against the tree cleared my two year old fucking memory. i dont even fucking know what they look like. you could be my mommy for all i fucking know.

ive been accused of stranger things.

fuck it.

so hey. what are your plans now? like what are you planning on doing tomorrow?

well, if im not sitting here crying because im fucking orphaned and homeless i was thinking about seeing the rerun of your appearance on the Screen Savers on G4TV.

7pm ET + 4pm PT

they got that out there?

G4TV is broadcast in over 50 million homes around the fucking world.

no shit

fuck yeah.

well thats cool. so, good luck with whatever youre doing over there victimized little kid.

thanks tony,later

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you’d think with all the hits the busblog gets

jessica simpson to have just one woman writing in upset about the choice of photos isnt so bad. but for some reason it always suprises me.

and they always bring up the womanizing/misoginist card.

they cant just say, yeah he hasnt outgrown the swimsuit model poster on the wall stage.

a while back someone pointed out that a lot of my pictures feature terribly skinny girls. never noticed. that someone said that i should pay attention cuz there are a lot of young women out there who see the pictures on this blog and either feel bad about themselves when they try to compare themselves to the raymis of the world or they become turned off by me for what i am subconsiously propogating.

heres the deal about the pictures: theyre there to lure horny guys to the site. period. theyre there to keep horny guys coming back. (second) period.

the women will read the busblog without pictures cuz women are usually smarter. im not worried about my women readers. plus most of them appreciate a well turned calf or a sharp dress.

the men are easilly distracted, visual creatures; therefore you need to make your page visually appealing to them.

especially if your content is so-so.

no matter how many sweet comments that i get or panties virtually thrown my way i have curiously low self esteem regarding the writing that i do on this, my electronic notebook.

so the pictures must either be sexy, funny, or weird.

or inspiring.

and besides, arent we beyond these 20th century whines that Mass Media Images of women are capable of damaging the sensitive self-images of todays modern women?

scroll down a little to me holding my nirvana box set. do i look like any of the leading men in stage and/or screen? im bald, im old, i have a rash of acne on my cheeks, i ride the bus to work, and im a blogger. im like nothing that you see on tv or magazines or movies or white houses. and im happy with myself. why?

because Us magazine does not define me and if any of you are waiting for them to validate you, youre in for a huge letdown cuz look at who they give it up to: jessica simpson, ben afflack, j.lo, cameron diaz, and britney spears.

look who they destroy at every chance they can: jessica simpson, ben afflack, j.lo, cameron diaz, and britney spears.

fuck Us weakly who arranges talented women in police line-ups only to compare them on their looks and pick apart their every flaw. who question stars who arent married as being cheated on, who question stars who dont have children as being barren, who celebrate pregnant stars until the second that they deliver and then harp on them if they dont lose the baby weight overnight.

then they take helicopter pictures of their many mansions. then they try to humanize them by saying “they have their tires rotated just like Us!” and then show them sitting in the tire store drinking a cappuchino reading People.

if anyone could do damage to people’s psyches through images and text – which is quite a feat and impossible unless you have a fully willing victim-to-be – its certainly not the busblog.

this shits art.

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walking to work this morning

i kept thinking the same thing that i always think when im walking to work

why are you doing this

what is wrong with you

dont you know you have a college edjumacation

dont you know that you could be rich and famous in so many fields

dont you know that even the baby Jesus is disappointed in you

dont you know that if youre going to be poor and worthless you may as well be a preacher in the south seas

dont you know that people marched and faught and got shot at so that you could have the opportunites that you have now, and youre doing nothing with it

dont you know that writing blooks during your 15 minute breaks doesnt make up for the fact that youre a loser making half what you made a few years ago

dont you know that women want to make love to rich men

dont you know that for america to win we all need to be driving automobiles

dont you know that if youre going to suffer for your art you have to at least make some fucking art

and then i walked past a homeless man laying on a cardboard box and i had a ten dollar bill in my hand for a dozen donuts that i was about to get my coworkers and i nearly turned around to give it to him when i saw what appeared to be two huge logs of feces.

disgusted i marched on and thought

my poops dont look that big and wide and dark brown and healthy

what on earth is that man eating?

is he on to some new garbagecan diet that would certainly sweep the world if it only knew.

and then i got to work and someone had written me an email asking if i thought that my pictures on here might give the people the idea that i was, uh, a womanizer.

the answer is no.

else the louvre and sports illustrated are also womanizers.

and manizers.

clearly im a poopist.

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