highlites from march ’04

on the busblog

3/1 kristin gets interviewed by adrants

3/2 chad and mist buy my afro and i make them a mix cd

3/3 i feel like a wild beast that’s been caged for years. and not just any old animal. king of the damn jungle.

3/4 interview with the xbi shrink

q. are you happy with your salary?

a. i get a salary?!

3/6 lunch with my little brother

3/7 the busblog meets melting dolls

3/9 my astrology says that this is a good time for me to look up into the heavens and bitch to the Lord Almighty about all the things that are going wrong in my life.

3/10 today is the first day of the waste of my life

3/11 beat the E! kids at bowling

3/12 bunny and i go to isla vista and make a photo essay

3/13 my girlfriend knows how to bowl

3/15 remind me never to return from vacation again

3/15 fuck the rock n roll hall of fame

3/15 leapfrogging the senseless bounds of common decency and rudimentary reason miss montreal returned my text page with a simple one.

as you know one means yes and two means no.

3/16 karisa’s firsts

3/17 two of my favorite bloggers quoted me today and yesterday.

3/18 some people like having their ass licked. i dont. but some do.

3/18 the xbi has these one way glass rooms. its for interrogating. all we ever do… not we… them… all THEY ever do in those rooms is beat peoples asses and give them xbi tattoos. what they do is beat the bad guys to a pulp and then put an anchor tattoo on their shoulder and put “jimmy” or “merle” underneath it so everyone thinks theyre gay.

3/18 To: tony@tonypierce.con

From: “FCC Chairman Michael Powell” Add to Address Book

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 18:50:38 -0000

Subject: Whaddup G

Yo Tony,

I’ve been reading your shit. It’s good. But why you gotta hate?

3/19 oprah explains what tossing a salad is on tv

3/19 tonightsdate: all I know is that I am horny as fuck and I am counting down the hours until I can rip your clothes off….and I am dead serious

dumbme: you have a key, right?

3/20 the dorkiest thing i did all year + part two – [ed. welch won the league]

3/23 lianas 22nd birthday

3/24 16 famous people who were born today

3/24 second best picture of the year

3/25 14 famous people who were born today

3/26 blogger support saved my ass

3/26 eternal sunshine movie review

3/27 eleven answering machine messages

3/28 best vacation picture of the year

3/29 trip to the barber shop

3/30 dear janet jackson,

3/31 getting used to getting shot

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