if you recall, a few months ago i went on a job interview

hain hopes to blog for a corporate web site.

it wasnt like there was a sign in their window saying Blogger Wanted, i emailed them and told them that i was a blogger and i thought their site could benefit from a frequently updated blog.

the interview didnt go well. the dude didnt seem very serious about blogs in general and/or me in particular, and i understood. big websites sometimes have long-range plans or changes in the works and even good new ideas sometimes dont match up with whats going on.

which is why i was a little surprised when i got an email from the dude (as part of a group mailing) announcing, yep, a blog on their page.

i tried to find it and had a hard time cuz there wasnt any mention of it in the main page. i did a search for it in the search box but because it was so new it hadnt made it in the results yet. so me and my pals just started clicking and eventually we found it.

we found a very curious blog indeed.

for some reason this website had decided to be incredibly unique in regards to blogging in that they listed the posts backwards. most blogs publish the most current post first, these folks put the oldest post first and made the reader click through to get to the most recent.

for example, if this blog was set up like theirs, posts from 2001 would be here and to get to 2004 you’d have to scroll down to the bottom of this page and click-thru.

for theives at least they’re original.

so original that the blog goes from the past into the future! infact the more you click the more you see that their blogger somehow knows whats going to happen a few days from now, even a week from now! no wonder i didnt get the gig.

or are they saying that the act of pro-blogging inspires the black powers of the occult? shit, i hope so, cuz all i ever got from amateur blogging was respect, chicks, and an ipod.

i want to see into the future!

so anyway, big company who chose to rip me off and link the sites that i told you about, and lay out the page like my presentation page, and cuss like i say to do in “how to blog”, and pretend that famous people wrote to you, and have your static pages just *look* like a blog, and all the other advice that you took to heart and all the other things you swiped from me:

thank you.

imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

and if one isnt going to get paid, being flattered isnt bad.

but since its obvious that you have a long way to go in regards to blogging

a loooooooooooooong way to go

just know that my rate just went up when you decide to get serious, hire me as a consultant, and turn your back on tacky petty theft

cuz it’s beneath you

and thats where your new “blog” belongs.

annika + virginia + tomdog bug

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