karisa has been letting me use her truck

while shes out braving the bitter cold of new england, and because of that i have been able to listen to talk radio in the morning and in the evenings.

what ive noticed is there arent any normal people talking about normal things.

youve got your general hotheads and fake howard sterns, the people who repeat news, the people who rehash sports rumors, etc. then you have the npr stations who tell you about all the sad little tales that make you feel guilty for even having a refridgerator.

if youre lucky to live in a big city you might have a commercial alternative radio station that will play something off green days first album

but mostly you hear commercials.

only reason i really wanted to have a car again was for talk radio, so i havent missed jack, apparently.

karisas truck is rad cuz its an xterra and it has a great dent in the front and its messy in the back so you can drive it around with no fear of either dirtying it or scratching it, and if i ran Ford i would do like what Levis did with their pre-washed jeans and have pre-scratched vehicles so you wouldnt have to worry.

when i had my explorer all i did was worry.

why spend $20k to worry?

as ive grown up ive realized that real freedom and real peace of mind comes when you dont have shit to stress out about.

therefore being a childless bachelor with no mortgage or car payment has made me extremely chill.

only thing that stresses me out occassionally is the j-o-b but im college edjumacated, if they fire me im sure i could get a gig somewhere else so fuck em.

and the first gig that i would apply for would be the afternoon talk radio guy. the guy who doesnt have to worry about the rush hour listeners and doesnt have to worry about the morning listeners.

all i would have to do is compete with that big fat idiot rush limbaugh

and you can beat him by talking normal

about normal things.

like lonely housewives who want to tell me sexy stories from their bathtubs and hottubs or convertibles cruising down pch on winter solstice when its seventy degrees outside.

i think that would make for decent radio.

and before we do traffic and weather together, heres some new green day.

anti (pictured) + bored housewife + more please

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