la blogs has a nice la winter quiz

(we’re experiencing some global cooling. and it sucks.)

Q. Do you own a winter jacket?

A. yes, but it only comes out when it’s below freezing.

Q. Do you like the winter mountain sports? Skiing, boarding, sledding, snowshoe, etc…

A. yes, in theory. it would take a might special occasion or a pair of hot chicks to get me out there though.

Q. Big Bear, Mammoth or other?

A. ive heard of those places. i hear theyre close.

Q. Favorite hot drink?

A. swiss miss with a shot of warmed spice rum to chase it.

Q. Heater setting?

A. i have never turned on my heater in the four winters that ive lived in this apartment, although i am considering it. but when it is cold like now i use the fireplace or a space heater. usually on the middle setting.

Q. At night, more blankets, more pajamas, more heater are all of the above?

A. one mexican blanket and one electric blanket. no pajamas. no heater. subsititute a cheerleader for a blanket on particularilly pleasant evenings.

Q. Do you go out and enjoy the cold or bundle up and stay inside?

A. i stay inside even during the summer.

Q. Cold temps. Stay for a while or bring back the 70s?

A. no way will i tolerate another week of these sub-70 temps. i might have to move to maui.

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