today i had lunch with mr wil wheaton and kat from dirtyfez.

yes THE kat!

her hair is redder in real life, her skin is totally flawless. shes wonderful and i cant believe that she gave me volume one of the Cult of the One Eyed Cat!

i keep trying to tell you that blogging will bring you everything.

even redheads who want to lunch with you.

wil is like me, we can talk and talk and talk. poor kat had to put her hands over our mouths to get a word in. it was cute.

funny thing about the guy, he really is a geek. fucker knows more about the web and networks and backend programming than half the IT dudes that i work with at the xbi.

in hollywood you cant throw a brick without hitting a celeb in the eye, which is something fun to do when your bored, but most of them either dont want to talk about their past or dont want to talk about parts of their past or just dont want to talk at all. mr wheaton isnt like that at all. he very happilly went down any conversational dark alley that i wanted to lead him into, and then responded honestly and frankly.

but all roads lead todays lunchtime conversations back to blogging and if you want to get my respect as a blogger thats how you do it: love it. and its obvious that wil, kat, and myself all truly love blogging, the blogosphere, and blogs very deeply. they were throwing out names and blogs and old web sites and group blogs and commentors and articles and links like crazy.

if it was a radio show it woulda been the greatest fucking radio show youd have ever heard. and we had just meeting each other. freaky.

we dined at the classiest marie calanders just outside of beverly hills. it was my idea. the lovely kat had a seafood pasta. wil and i had the soup and half sandwhich cuz it was raining today and theres nothing better than soup. i believe hes a vegitarian.

afterwards he was such a gentleman that he slid me an autographed copy of his book and gave me the thrill of signing how to blog for him.

biggest lesson i learned in ’04 was dont be jealous about other bloggers because of their hits cuz theyre people too and they secretly might really like your shit. and not all of them will be as cool as wil and like you even when youre being a dope.

thanks kat for arranging this. pictures will be up later tonight.

in other hollywood news brad pitt and jeniffer whatshername broke up

dirty fez + cult of the one eyed cat + wil wheaton

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