yes, flagrant

i can recommend some reliable web hosting. knucklehead.

the french doors are flung wide open. all the frigid bitter bullshit has been suddenly replaced with sunshiney warm toastyness.

got the back door open, the side door and the french doors. i feel like cleaning stuff. i feel like recycling. it seems like spring cleaning time but its the middle of january its the dead of winter.

96. ryanbot

97. grok

i get a lot of compliments throughout the week and little do people know how nice it is for me to get that because during most of my schooling, whenever i wrote something it would almost always get totally misunderstood by the teachers and redpenned and “corrected” and destroyed.

youd think that after all that i wouldnt continue to write, especially in public, but like they said, i didnt pay much attention in class.

until college.

this weekend i applied for grad school, which was more of an emotional experience than i expected.

there were a few major lessons that i learned in school. the biggest may have been how to handle red tape. which is a wonderful skill to gain. no matter what you do after college you will always have to deal with red tape. none more difficult than the financial aid office.

there you learn how to read the small print, and follow the instructions to a t.

sadly i forgot that little nugget and when the grad school asked for two transcripts from each other colleges i attended, i only sent over one.

we’ll see if that comes back to bite me in the ass.

now i must head off to laundry with karisa who left the loveliest message on my machine.

i’ll post it in a sec.

but yes, flagrant, nothing special network services has been the busblog’s hosting company since day one and theyve done a spectacular job.

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